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Sarah's Library 3 years ago
I say unless they specify, post the review when you've written it.
they generally specify if they want you to wait on posting.
That's my experience, as well.
If they don't mention an embargo date or a request on when to post it, feel free to post whenever you feel like it.
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
Hey Nemo, have you noticed that your blog name isn't showing up whenever you make a comment? Maybe you can't see it, but from here I only see your avatar pic and the fact that you made the comment 45 mins ago, your blog name isn't there before the time of your comment like mine and everyone else's is.
Oh hey that's... weird. Thanks.
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Most like it to be posted in the same month of release or no more than thirty days before. However, if they didn't specify, they probably don't mind.
bookaneer 3 years ago
Weird question: is it Sleeping Giants? Because I am in precisely the same state with that, except the opening disclaimer asks for no review before publish date. I got it close to a year before the publish date and was taken aback, so I also contacted the publisher, but like you, I never heard back. My compromise was to post the review on NG but nowhere else until April.
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
A year beforehand?! That's a bit rough. Why bother giving out review copies so far ahead if people aren't allowed to actually review it until the publication date?
bookaneer 3 years ago
Maybe they have reviewer statistics pegged...I wonder what the average review turnaround is. I think mine is about a month--I tend to request 4 or 5 at once, get them at once, and then work through them in order of pub date-- but I have no idea if that's above or below the median.
Merle 3 years ago
They've exercised their control over the review date by deciding when to release the ARCs. Once it's in your hands, when to post the review is up to you.
A Throne of Books 3 years ago
Alright I'm glad to see about everyone thought what I did about it. I'm just new enough to book blogging that I wasn't sure if there was an unwritten rule. So I'm going to go ahead and post the review in a bit. Thanks guys.
I had the same question and also sent the publisher an email and also never heard back! I posted my review. My view is now unless the approval comes with instructions I am posting when I finish the book. On NG you can go to the publisher's page and check their "approval preferences" where the often have review publication suggestions listed.
I date the file by putting the release month at the end of the title, then upload the reviews each month.