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Murder by Death 3 years ago
You should absolutely not feel like a jerk or feel like you have to justify rating a book you read 75% of. You didn't like the book and you explained why without ripping anyone a new one. I thought it was a great review. :)
A Throne of Books 3 years ago
Thanks. I'm glad to hear that. I just know how much effort authors put into their work so I always worry I'm being harsh!
Murder by Death 3 years ago
I know what you mean; when I do give a bad review (which isn't often) I try to never get personal or hateful. I have to own up to being sarcastic if a book really made me feel angry or ripped off, but that almost never happens. I'm not out to hurt an author's confidence or destroy them - I certainly couldn't write a book if I had to - but I'm not going to lie either.
3 years ago
Agree with MbD, in reviews I'm just looking to see if the reader liked it and why or why not. Even "it just wasn't for me" will suffice. I appreciate those reviews. You did a good job here, no worries. :)
UKEssayPapers 1 year ago
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