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Belated Happy Holidays to you and your family! Looks like your son was having a blast ...
It's a Hardback Life 3 years ago
Thank you! He is definitely enjoying himself. I'm just glad he isn't old enough to realize he's being spoiled yet.
Is he by any chance an only grandchild on both sides? (I was. Both sets of grandparents went nuts at Christmas when I was a child.)
It's a Hardback Life 3 years ago
He is the only one on my side, and the only boy among a sea of girls on my husband's side. Plus the only nephew of several aunts. My step-dad, my sisters, my husband's parents and sisters, my mom's sister, my step-mom all spoiled him rotten.
Yeah, that'll do it. Many people love him, and want to show it.
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
It's ALWAYS the grandma with the noisy gifts, isn't it?
It's a Hardback Life 3 years ago
Indeed! Grandmas (for revenge, I think) and childless aunts (because they don't spend all day with kids). Those are the two parties that gave him the most noisy gifts.
I confess that we (grandparents and childless aunt!) sent noisy presents to grandson/nephew. All the way to Japan!

We don't regret it at all.
It's a Hardback Life 3 years ago
The kids definitely love it, even if the parents conveniently lose the batteries from time to time.