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Moonlight Madness 1 year ago
This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it!
Thank you! I hope it makes some small difference out there for someone who might feel like they don't have anything to give to their cause.
Martini 1 year ago
Great post; I hope a lot of people (especially the young ones reading HP for the first time) will get inspired, too.
I hope so. There are a lot of people out there that think using fiction (especially children's and YA) is not the "right" way to approach these things, but great fiction always gives you something to apply to real life.
Martini 1 year ago
I have never understood this. What's wrong about learning something while at the same time being entertained? I think this makes it an even more effective way of teaching important matters, because the brain connects the pleasure of being entertained with the lesson learned.
Love this!! Thank you for sharing. And I agree, the most effective learning happens while we are being entertained.