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Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
Did I give you the Catering to Nobody bug? I'm sorry! Substitute P & P with Prince Caspian and the other books with...more than I care to count and that's me. Crazy thing is, Caspian is one of my favorite books in the Narnia series...*shrugs*. Sorry again.
Becca in Wonderland 4 years ago
Don't worry about it I'd been wanting to read it again anyway. I've been in the mood for a mystery! Yeah I'm hoping to get back to Pride and Prejudice before I scamper too far down the rabbit trail...
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
Well it's definitely a good mystery! I need to try more cozies as I now like that one and The Cat Who series. Have fun but remember your ticket back to Pemberley!