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Fantastic review! And some really interesting .....topics to think more on.
I know for me personality is a big thing. If I like someones personality and find it attractive (not quite sure how you do that with a personality but bare with me) I can inturn find them physically attractive later on when in the begging I didn't. Goes both ways. I can find someone physically attractive get to know them and then find myself unattracted to them...... I wonder about gender though.....hmmm
Woman Reading 9 years ago
Exactly! And honestly, attraction is a stimulus in your brain anyway. So if you think of it scientifically, then it WOULD be affected by how the person acts.
I do get the whole gender thing though. Well I DO and I DONT. I can see why people find females or males attractive. I can appreciate both forms.... except when it comes to the thought of intimacy (bit personal I know but I cant think of a way to explain with out doing it) personally I don't find myself attracted to females, I CAN find them attractive but more in a 'damn wish I had her legs!' Or 'wow killer body!' While with a man I more think along the lines of yum ..... lol. I cant explain it. Logically I don't think it should matter either way what their... privates are? But for some unknown reason it does matter. Or maybe its they way we hold ourselves naturally? Body language? Hmmm nope pretty sure if a chick acted everyway like a dude I still wouldn't want to be with her intimately ..... no idea what 'it' is... but sure is an interesting topic.
Woman Reading 9 years ago
LOL! Which is about how my husband feels. But, that's why the idea of someone you already love and are attracted to suddenly becomes the opposite gender is so good. You already love them. You're already attracted to them. Would that just stop because they suddenly had female parts?
I would like to think no... but I couldn't say unless it happened.