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bookaneer 7 years ago
Hah, fun. I would not have predicted this would hit you the right way...although I loved the idea of grendels, I got totally bogged down in the plotholes. I haven't read the sequel, but I suspect that if you think this is romance-free, you'll be in for a surprise rather soon...
FYI, Shearin has another series in a full-fantasy world that I found pretty comparable--Raine Benares. You could take another stab at high fantasy. :)
It's funny you mentioned the plot holes. My first version of the review had a few paragraphs about how how much improbability the author asked me to swallow - but I took it all out because it was becoming another one of my lopsided reviews, where I spend 5 paragraphs detailing all my complaints, then wrap it up with "But I liked reading it and I'm giving it 3+ stars and I'm looking forward to more from this author..." I'm trying not to do that so much.

I figured there'd be more romance in the second book, but I'm willing to try since they've had this whole first book to get to know each other. Insta-twoo-wuv is a huge no-no for me, but developing a relationship while they're doing exciting things together is ok.

I saw her fantasy books, but I'm also trying not to buy every book ever. It didn't look like it had anything nearly as original as The Steel Remains series, which is where I've set my bar for fantasy.
bookaneer 7 years ago
Heh. I gave up on Fair And Balanced Reviews. But fortunately, I usually get to hide a large portion of the whining under spoiler-tags, so the only people who see it are those who are too late to find it a turnoff.
Was your paragraph about the doppelgangers? That was the killer for me
I've not read Steel Remains. I've got Altered Carbon on my list to read... I think Steel Remains might be too far on the gritty side for me.
OMG, the doppleganger BS was so transparent! An actual spy inside of SPI would've been such a better choice. Also, the roaming gunfight in the tunnels - how the #&*# did that happen near a secured area and nobody noticed? Also, I'm just giving away the whole "where does the mass go" when the critters are in humanoid disguise - we'll just sweep that physical impossibility under the "magic" rug and forget about it...
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
These are just fun books. Did you read the short story?
Olga Godim 7 years ago
I read and enjoyed both books of the series and I agree with the common opinion: nice escapism but nothing great. I didn't know about any short story set in the same world. Is it available for free?
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
It's in an anthology, Night Shift, with Andrews, Singh, and Vane. It takes place just before the first book.
I haven't read this but I just bought a copy.
Rabbit Reads 7 years ago
I will have to read this one. This sounds great! :)