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Using a grid to track your completed reads -- oooh, I like it!
Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
Have you got someone for L yet? I know a good author and her series books are novella length, so good for Bingos.
Brenna M's Book Blog 9 months ago
who is it? I've been checking out library's author lists to see whats out there. plus their new books rack. Hoping I get some good new ones to follow.
Shanna Lauffey. I've been following her time travel series from the beginning and it's one of the few series I keep up. First book is called Time Shifters.
Brenna M's Book Blog 9 months ago
thank you.
You may like Mary Lynn Plaisance. She good and I enjoy her and she new to me and i read one of her books last year and now this year.
Brenna M's Book Blog 9 months ago
3 down, started 1 more....