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Murder by Death 7 months ago
there were problems with limited newsfeed for awhile last week (or the week before?) but I believe they've cleared up for everyone. I've had some super-slowness lately, but I think that's related to the work they've been dong the last week or so. Haven't had any problems posting comments or clearing notifications though.

I'd suggest two things: if you have another browser installed on your laptop, try using it just to see if you get the functionality back. If you do, and assuming you're not keen to switch browsers, try checking the non-working browser for any plug-ins or extensions that might be interfering with the scripting BL uses. When I first started here a few years ago, I wasn't able to do a lot of things, and it was my ghostery plug in; once I whitelisted BL, everything worked again.
Brenna M's Book Blog 7 months ago
it does work with firefox but not google chrome which i usually use.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Do you have any extensions or plug ins running in Chrome? It might be worth either turning the off (one at a time), or if there is an option within the extenstion/plug in, whitelist, and then try to comment or clear notifications. Like I said above, it was an extension for me, and whitelisting BL cleared it right up.
Debbie's Spurts 7 months ago
The maintenance work or other issues have made booklikes sluggish for me where I skipped making Bout of Book Readathon posts and am waiting for them to announce this run of maintenance (hopefully also some updated features) finished before doing much and writing reviews.