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Are you trying to post a review via the "Finished" button on the dash (or your blog in dashboard view), or off your shelves? Or off the book page(s)? What happens if you do -- what's going wrong / not working?
Brenna M's Book Blog 4 years ago
Inititally off the finished button but then i tried to write it up and then put in the dashboard view or off the shelves. I get "stay on page" or leave page question. once or twice if i hit stay on page it took a long time to load. then nothing for several posts i tried (several times each as well). This has been happening since facebook login stopped working because it's saying booklikes is no longer secure. even when i log in now or google search booklikes, i'm told the site is not secure. All it will do is let me update my shelves or do this basic post not associated with a book.
Brenna M's Book Blog 4 years ago
Just tried again from the shelf page and it did not take. go figure.
Iron Canuck 4 years ago
I had a problem recently with Booklikes. It would not let me post at all. I told myself the best thing to do was log off and then back on. Now I could not log back in. Three days later, it was like nothing had been wrong. Someone suggested that I clean the cookies off my computer. Maybe give that a shot.
@Iron Canuck: That seems to have happened to a few people recently -- cleaning your cache usually works.

@Brenna: That's a bug that's been around forever; we all get it. Just ignore the bad vibes you get with the "do you want to leave the page?" question and click "yes". That will make your review post. It will NOT post (and in fact, you're going to have to save your review once more as a draft -- with the "do you want to leave the page" question all over again) if you initially decide to "stay on the page". In other words, if you want anything to happen at all, your response on that question should ALWAYS be "leave" -- NEVER "stay". As you noticed, "stay" essentially freezes the page.