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Murder by Death 4 years ago
Why can't you post anything book related?
Brenna M's Book Blog 4 years ago
It's been going on since i couldnt log onto BL with FB. some time in December. I finally got one from the drafts published, but even this post took 10 minutes to post after trying several times then having to go into drafts to edit and post. Each attempt asks to stay on page or leave, then just sits there. no responses from bl.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
Everyone (or most everyone) now gets the stay or leave message. If you choose 'stay' it will just sit there and not do anything, and it then won't post. Choosing 'leave' when you're ready to post has allowed most everyone to post properly. I think the Facebook thing is just coincidence; I started getting the stay/leave messages back in November/December too (I think - it might have been a bit earlier) and I've never used FB as a login.
FB stopped synching with BookLikes at some point last year. The "stay / leave" thing is older, going back to at least 2017 -- and yes, it works fine if you simply hit "leave the page". Basically, don't treat it as a warning message but just an extra (albeit unnecessary) double check, asking whether you really want to publish your post.