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Not just you. At this point -- since BookLikes admin is pretty much AWOL -- the recommended policy is to go to your settings (next to last item in the drop-down menu at the top of the Dashboard) and there, in the "Blog" tab, set comments to be allowed only from people you are following and / or who are following you.

As for spam comments in groups, ironically, the only group where they can post with lasting effect is the official BookLikes group (because of the lacking engagement of BLadmin, see above). Most other groups have at least one administrator who is still active here and can remove spam soon as it appears.

It's also a wise policy to routinely check your followers and remove spam accounts there.
Yup. I would follow Themis recs above to block them. We have a nice post going with active followers so a bunch of us are now following each other. It's been nice to see my dashboard so full again.
The post reference by OB is one of her own; here's the URL in case you want to check it out: