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Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
That article made my day. I need to steal this line:

"you can count on one thing: at some point, people will get online and say that your product sucks a finite amount of balls"
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
They have some pretty funny stuff over there. :)
It's a Mad Mad World 6 years ago
"Oh well, just in case. Authors, don't hit people over the head with wine bottles."

Yeah, that's not nice authors! :P
Books 'n Stuff 6 years ago
Lol I've loved reading cracked for a long time. Never fails to hit the mark with sarcasm.
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
Yeah, they have master the art of sarcasm, for sure.
Kitty Horror 6 years ago
I had a look at the blog for the girl who was attacked by Brittain. She has pics of the her head wound, I can't believe the amount of damage he inflicted, that is scary, scary stuff. :(
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
I saw those too! I couldn't believe how her head looked. *shaking my head*