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Right now it's audible books, but they do a lot of comics. Since I can't do tablets, and I refuse to do them on paperwhites - can't read properly because the page per screen is too small and you can't expand, and no colors - I read them as PDFs on my computer. They work beautifully there, too, if you ever decide to do that.

You're friend is quite generous. And I'm sure you're aware, but since it's DMR free, and direct from the publisher, even as a .mobi, the file may be different and work differently on the Kindle Fire which may be why these work so well. Also, I've seen some that have double splash pages - two pages that connect - as one page then the other on the bottom and some as page by page. Each company that supplies the file does so a bit differently.

I'm not sure if 100% of them will work as fantastically on the Kindle Fire, but I do hope they all work well for you.
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
I tried to download the Joe Hill one into Calibre so I could convert it to a PDF, but Calibre couldn't read the file type. (Whatever it was, I can't remember it now.)

Oh, it's direct from the publisher, that's why? I couldn't figure out why this graphic novel allows that but the Joe Hill one wouldn't. Thanks for the help in clarifying, Grim!
It probably told you it was DRM protected and couldn't read it. That's usually why it says it can't.

And I'm assuming so. They had a job listing to solicit for material and you need to know people in the companies. There's also variations in how the pages are put together - splash pages side by side, or one on top of the other - and it seems to me that if HB were formatting, they'd do it all the same. But more the point - how else would they get them without the DRM? It's a guess, but given the specifics for the job and the fact that they're DRM-free, I don't think it's a bad guess.

Stuff that comes directly from both Amazon and B&N can be rather wonky when you consider you can do so much more with graphic novels. Even so, reading on the computer is my favorite way to read them. I do know tons of people prefer the tablets, so it's good to hear they work nicely on those.
Bob @ Beauty in Ruins 6 years ago
Good to hear. I've just about given up on reading graphic novels on my Kobo. Either the ARCs were deliberately scaled down in quality, making them look like trash, or they were PDF files that didn't pan/scan or zoom properly.
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
Yes! That's mostly why I decided to post case there were other people that had the same problem. It's a graphic novel PSA. :)