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Hol 6 years ago
No, no failure there!
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
Thanks! I've read some great books this year too, so I'm happy with the failure, so to speak. :)
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
See I think how long the books are totally counts as more books - King's are notoriously big books. And if you really wanted to, you could hit the arbitrary number just by seeking out the shorter works - but going for content you're interested in, well, that's what makes it fun and not an assignment. (My new years resolution is to work harder at not doing that assignment thing, which I keep doing to myself for some reason.)
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
This year I've started cutting down on commitments. But then I joined Net Galley. So I know what you mean about doing it to yourself. :)
I'm continuing to cut down so hopefully I'll knock a lot off my TBR in 2015.
Good luck to you in your endeavor! :)
Kitty Horror 6 years ago
I would include the short stories you read, I'm sure you'll have read quite a few books that have huge page counts so it'll balance everything out and you'll hit your goal. :)
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
I'm trying to be honest with myself and I started out saying no short stories, so here I am. I was tempted to play around with it, but I resisted. :)
Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
Looks impressive to me, Char! I barely broke 52 and that's with audios and a few novellas in the mix. I am ashamed.