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Hol 6 years ago
Good on you for sticking with it.
Bummer. :(
Portable Magic 6 years ago
Who's the narrator on your version? I loved this story when I was a teenager, but if I'm ever tempted to revisit on audio I'd like to pick a good version. Since it's public domain, I think there are several versions.
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
His name was Bernard Mayes. It looks like he was a fascinating man.
Unfortunately, his voice was putting me to sleep. Maybe it would work for you though.
More proof a narrator can ruin a good book, but you stuck to it. I'm proud of you, I probably would havr abandoned it.
Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
Sucks when that happens :( My audio version was read by Sir Derek Jacobi. He was a little stuffy at first but he grew on me.