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Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
Same here. It blows.
Where are you? I'm in western MA.
Im in the Boston burbs. It's pretty grim at the moment. Steeling myself to go and do some shoveling.

PS. How about those Pats?
Who won?
I think it's more a question of 'who lost?'. But there's going to be a duck boat parade through Boston tomorrow. Woot!
So the Pats won? I just care 'cos of the Chris Evans/Chris Pratt bet...
YES! Pratt has to dress up as Star-Lord now! Huzzah!
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
The game was exciting as hell in the last quarter. It was unreal!
I believe I was watching LIlo and Stitch by then.
It's a Mad Mad World 6 years ago
I love this movie! :D
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
Me too. I love Bill Murray.