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Yep Yep Yep dancing time !
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
I'm so excited!!
I had another picture I wanted to post, but it's spoiler-y, so I didn't.
it's been so long. I've been cooking for a couple hours getting ready. Friends have been invited I am expecting massive fun
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
I hope you all have a great time!
We will be hunkering down for the storm.
I hope it does not mess with your show. We lost electricity for the season opener and I think they heard me scream three states over. LOL
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
That must have been awful. I hope we'll be lucky tonight.
Amazing episode tonight. Extremely moving.
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
Oh man, I was a mess!
I was okay, shocked but okay, until the car scene at the end when Tyreese asks Rick to turn the radio off. Such wonderfully crafted episode. This show is so unpredictable.

***********************spoiler I thought for sure no one major would die because they had just killed off Beth in the last ep. I was beyond shocked. *************************************
Char's Horror Corner 6 years ago
I know!!!

*********************************************SPOILERS BELOW********************************************

I was mostly okay, shocked but okay (like you said), until the truck pulled over on the way back. Then I knew and I just busted out crying. (Though some of those tears might have been because I missed seeing Daryl.) ;)
*********************spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler **********************************************************************OMG That was such a powerful scene!! I also loved how they faked us out a little bit with the funeral scene in the beginning. Even though you felt like there were some flash forwards going on, it still felt like that funeral was for Beth. And I loved all the little clues they gave us to let us know that the scenes in the beginning were ff's, like when Noah cuts his head on the wire fencing. Man, I just adore this show!

I missed Daryl, too. :( We only got a little glimpse of him. :( :(