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Hol 5 years ago
Sorry this is no good. Have you read much Koontz before? I used to love him, but not anymore.
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
Yeah, I used to love him too. I think this is an earlier book, so I took a chance.

Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
HA! IKR? I loved a few of his earlier books like Watchers, but I'm off the old Koontz now. This was the last straw.
I read a book from him that I thought was 'The Worst Book I've Ever Read" The Darkest Evening of The Year, less than 1 star from me
I hated that I finished it and didn't quit
5 years ago
What a shame. The title is so evocative!
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
I know! And what horror fan doesn't enjoy a good carnie story?
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
When Koontz is good, he is really good but when he's bad, look out! I remember reading this in high school but can't remember a thing about it. I think it was originally written in the early 80's under his pen name. It's an oldie at any rate.