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Eeeeh. I'm not impressed with Carter post-presidency, to be honest.

Snort. That was rather spectacularly badly phrased, wasn't it?

But seriously, Carter tried to legitimize Hamas. If you're not Jewish, he's fine, I guess, but I just can't get over him winning all this praise when he tried to get a terrorist organization admitted into the UN.

Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
This one really was fascinating, even if a little slow at times. The man has lived a LIFE, you know?
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
He goes into that only slightly. Same with the hostages in Iran.
However, his work for civil rights, back before Martin Luther King- before civil rights was even a phrase, is impressive. As is his work with Habitat For Humanity and his diplomatic endeavors around the world.
I don't pretend to be an expert about the Hamas/Israel situation, but I don't believe his stance on that issue clouds the good works that he has accomplished and continues to accomplish to this day. I can't think of one other president in history, whose life AFTER serving, was this dedicated to the betterment of humanity.
Fair enough.

I'm backing off. If I have more to say about this - and I'm debating about it - then I shall post in my own space. Thanks, Char.
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
Grim, no worries if you want to post here. I welcome differing opinions. If you don't want to , that's fine too.

Troy, I can't fathom it either, but I do accept that he may have had a good reason at the time. I can't help but to compare, in my head, the situation then with the situation between the U.S. and Iran and the agreement we are making right now. Many think we shouldn't be negotiating with them at all...they're terrorists, they're going to build a nuclear weapon, etc... Others believe that we have to start somewhere, and you can't negotiate if all the parties are not at the table.
Of course, this agreement could turn out to be a disaster for all we know now.
Hindsight and all that.
I just don't want to take over/be too... whatever. I guess I'm still a little jumpy.

It's fair enough, but I'm not sure I believe that. I don't think you can box one thing and then another. If he's rallying for legitimacy for one terrorist group, it makes me wonder why he wouldn't for another?

It also, for me, dirties the whole thing. Maybe it's different for me: I have family in Israel, and legitimizing Hamas would put them in more danger. I'm sure it's different for me. But I get ill each time I think of him, and I can't think of his other works without thinking, 'gross.' I just can't.

I saw the cover for this book the first time and wanted to cry, to be honest. So, I'm glad to read a review of this book, because I would never read it myself.
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
Fair enough, I think I understand where you're coming from, Grim.
And be sure, no one will mess with you on my posts. I take after Troy in that way. :)
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
Ah, no, I'm not jumpy about that. I'm more jumpy in that I don't want to take my shit and dump it elsewhere. And then get accused of it. I don't know. I just went, oh, shit, am I going to do this wrong.

See, I know I'm biased on this. But it makes me wonder just how much it would get him to turn on any other minority or race or religion or state. I"ll always have this sliver of doubt in my mind.

Well, he fought for everyone, but if it had just been slightly different. Ah, I'm not sure how to explain it. It all just makes me wonder how much of a house of paper cards the whole thing is. How much would it take to blow it all over? Does that make sense, too?

Is he moral? Has he done good things? Sure. But as someone said, we all have our pet causes. And we all have our own backgrounds. He's fought to legitimize someone who wants to see everyone who's the same as me in one way dead.

Like I said, if you're not Jewish, he's probably the best thing since sliced bread. When you're in the minority that he was actively harming, well, I'm certain that changes your perspective. And while I may not have much respect for the man given what he's been trying to do to Israel and with Hamas, I respect the people who respect him for his other works. Does that also make sense?

The drunk part of the drunk reading hasn't even started tonight and I don't feel like my words are making sense.
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
Yep, that makes perfect sense, Grim. Perfect sense.