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Hol 4 years ago
Oh God, I was laughing so much when you said your friend never calls anything delightful lol! I've been meaning to try this for ages, think I will soon.
Hol 4 years ago
I'll try for the audio, as well.
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
I hope you like it!
Blood Rose Books 4 years ago
I love when you read a book out of your preferred genre and love it. I've had m eye on this one too and i think i'll try and get it on audiobook just tp hear the "stick up her ass" voice
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
Haha! I'm telling you those ladies were such snobs!
I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to check it out.
Bark at the Ghouls 4 years ago
Tressa called a book delightful? This I'll have to read :)
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
Right? My thoughts exactly. :)
Mike Finn 4 years ago
The cover on this put me off, but, after reading your review, I listened to the sample on the audible and bought the book.I'm looking forward to it.
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
Oh, that's great! I really hope you enjoy it.
You made my day. :)