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YESSS! So glad you enjoyed this. And Victor. Yeah, you were right. I couldn't tell you, but yes.

As for your other question: yes, King did a lot of telling you how things would end. The point was not in knowing how it ended or not, but in the journey to get there. Even though I knew certain very large things would happen, I found myself shocked at how it all unraveled and how they all got there. Yes, it felt inevitable in the end, but I couldn't have guessed it until I'd read it. Which I know was on my review.

And congrats. I've gotten people to BR volume one, but never volume two. I"m psyched I got to do that with someone :D Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
Thank YOU! I had fun and I've found myself digging deeper into a universe I was never interested in before. Mostly thanks your enthusiasm. :)
Yay! Well, I'm thrilled that you've been enjoying this.

Also, would it be intriguing to know that this is actual Vision's second set of twins? Because if not, I have other fun facts about the Marvel universe that would be appealing. I have a character who is: Muslim American, a snarky little girl who runs around with a dinosaur (from the moon, of course), a bit of humanity that was experimented on by aliens eons ago and now has superpowers thanks to that*, a black Captain America, a series Marvel tried to wash their hands of that was all the darker what ifs - and worth tracking down if you can, and a Frankenstein version of the Punisher. Also, in one universe Spider-Man's ex Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman and a terrifying version of Daredevil is kinda, uh, terrifying her.

Oh, also. an AU where Wolverine is dating Hercules. I've got gay, bi, AND trans characters. Marvel has everything. Let's just stay away from Vision's babies when they get to the demon soul phase because the panel where they get reattached to said demon's arms? Haunts me more than everything in this series put together. Also, no to the 'let's have Ms. Marvel raped and send her off with her rapist/baby daddy' phase. Old school Marvel gets really fucking weird.

I do have a less disturbing comic where it's implied that Vision sleeps with his step-mom who is kinda - and kinda not - Hawkeye's wife, though. Vision's family issues get super, super weird. So, y'know, if super weird is your jam, yeah, I have that too. (Oh, speaking off, Iron Man's suit basically falls in love with him in a really abusive way. That was super bizarre! And I mean, I wanted to like that storyline until a couple pages in where it became clear, no, this wouldn't work at all.)

*their leader can take down mountain ranges with a whisper, true fact.