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Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
You're so good at keeping track. I *think* I'm at 6 but next month will be a little slow. I need a mini-vacation from all horror, all the time.
LMAO Are you kidding? It took me an hour to put my monthly round up posts together. But thanks for saying so!
I used a thread in GR to keep track of all the books, then it's easier to break them out later:

I totally understand about the "all horror all the time" thing. Though I find the dark/horror/noir comics to be a relief as compared to some horror novels.

Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
So that's where that thread went! I always lose it. Mine is way out of date already.

I forgot to add The Devil Crept In & The Walking Dead Omnibus to the books I hope to read in March and am far too lazy to redo my post now. The Walking Dead should be a good break between books.