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Bark's Book Reviews 11 months ago
You're so good at keeping track. I *think* I'm at 6 but next month will be a little slow. I need a mini-vacation from all horror, all the time.
Char's Horror Corner 11 months ago
LMAO Are you kidding? It took me an hour to put my monthly round up posts together. But thanks for saying so!
I used a thread in GR to keep track of all the books, then it's easier to break them out later:

I totally understand about the "all horror all the time" thing. Though I find the dark/horror/noir comics to be a relief as compared to some horror novels.

Bark's Book Reviews 11 months ago
So that's where that thread went! I always lose it. Mine is way out of date already.

I forgot to add The Devil Crept In & The Walking Dead Omnibus to the books I hope to read in March and am far too lazy to redo my post now. The Walking Dead should be a good break between books.