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Hol 1 year ago
This sounds applicable to us, considering our issues with tobacco in the past.
I think that our issues with tobacco and/or nicotine do make us more empathetic to those with addiction issues. I think we're more likely to REALLY know what it's like to crave something, even knowing that getting it is leading to our own deaths, (though maybe not such imminent deaths such as with heroin or meth), but death just the same. That said, this book makes cigarette smoking seem relatively sane.
Hol 1 year ago
They shouldn't be allowed to sell tobacco. I just can't understand how it's legal. You're right, having had addiction issues means I'm far more understanding of others.
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
I think the legal age to purchase tobacco should raise every year. And I'm in tobacco-growing Kentucky. If there are medical uses, an exception for younger folk that requires a prescription.

It is not just an addiction; it's an addiction that also impacts nonsmokers stuck with second hand smoke and smoke residue.
I just passed my 3rd year anniversary of quitting and I still want one every, single day.