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I know this feeling. A lot of times, things fall into place, but holy shit, when I started reading Lebbon's Thief of Broken Toys, or MTMtE or BB? Same thing. Boom.

ARen't those the best books?
Yes, they are! It's just a little frustrating that I can't find the right words to explain how it made me feel.
Oh, I know! I know that feeling, too. But just saying 'I can't, and this book hits me that hard, in that way,' explains that feeling so well. I can relate to that feeling, perhaps better than I can to a full explanation of why it hit you that way. That's specific to you, after all, but the general 'yes, this, this feeling,' I can get, even if the specifics are different.
Okay, good. The essence of what I was trying to say came through. :)
Absolutely. And here's the thing: I'm going to use Thief of Broken Toys as an example. I didn't have time to write an immediate review, like I usually do when everything is raw. I ended up writing it later, and it all came out: it was perfect, and encompassed everything I wanted to say. I find it it happens naturally, it usually does end up that way. But if I try to force it too hard, it's a total mess.

If you think about it for a day, and still can't pinpoint the right words? I think it's better to just say exactly what you did: It's honest and the general sense of that awe at how the book connected to you will come through and be extremely powerful.
You are exactly right, Grim. I finished this book on Friday night, thought about it all day on Saturday and then on Sunday morning, I felt like I had to write SOMETHING. I already knew then that I couldn't find the right words. :)
You really understand where I was coming from with this.