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Tigus 11 months ago
I'm 99.9% sure I read Gila!, way back when. dammit, I wish I could recall plot points, but, they would have been few, and flaky-thin, so I it's certainly understandable that nothing substantial is on mental file, because...there wouldn't be anything substantial to file, would there (I'm being cruel, I know...). anyway, this thing you read looks amazing.
Char's Horror Corner 11 months ago
Many of these books were not high quality literature, for sure. But the author ties them in to what was happening in our society at the time, which I found very interesting. He also pokes a lot of fun at the plot points and at many of the covers. How could you not?
At the same time, reading this put me in mind of that time in my life, and it reminded me of a lot of the books I read back then and did enjoy, and would like to read again.
Horror @ Booker T's Farm 11 months ago
I really want to preorder this one. My only fear is that my TBR will end up growing too much. Sounds like a great book to have though.
Murder, She Reads 11 months ago
I have this one to review from Netgalley too!! :) I don't fear my TBR growing as I know it will! He he he!
Char's Horror Corner 11 months ago
You know it will.
Bark's Book Reviews 10 months ago
This looks so good!
Char's Horror Corner 10 months ago
It is fantastic!
Char's Horror Corner 10 months ago
That's great! I think any fan of horror from that time period NEEDS to have this book on their shelf. It's great for reference and also just FUN to look at!