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Lillelara 3 years ago
Chances are that it won´t improve, Char, and DNFing is the right thing to do. I have just decided myself (with the help of BT in one case) to DNF two books. Books I was looking at thinking "No, I don´t want to pick you up anymore".
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
Yes, yes, yes. I know you guys are right! I'm getting better at doing this, even though it goes against my grain.
I just can't bear to drag myself back to it again.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Next! :)
Seriously, if the book isn't working for you, it isn't working for you - rave reviews notwithstanding.
That's too bad, but seriously DNF is not a dirty word ;-)
Ahh,, I was really hoping this would be a good book, I have it on my to-read shelf.
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
Your mileage may vary, as almost everyone else loves this novel.
I will wait for it to come out at the library and then take a crack at it. If I am not sure I will enjoy a book that is the safest place to start!
"So it goes." 3 years ago
Do you ever get the feeling that some books get marked as "important" and "great" then everyone is afraid to say if they don't agree. I haven't started this one... I'll get around to it, but I applaud you for being honest and telling us your experience. Thankfully, there are loads of books, and everyone doesn't have to love every single one.
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
Aww, thank you! I hope that YOU enjoy it. :)
BrokenTune 3 years ago
@SoItGoes: Excellently put! Labels of "important" or "great" or "everyone else loves it" are meaningless when it comes to the personal reading experience.
I hope you enjoy the book when you get to it.