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Bark's Book Reviews 2 weeks ago
Looks like a fabulous line-up, Char. Enjoy your weekend!
Char's Horror Corner 2 weeks ago
Thanks, they ARE all good! I hope your weekend is filled with delicious reading as well!
How did you feel about Lucifer? I've been intermittently watching the TV show.
Char's Horror Corner 2 weeks ago
I'm VERY much enjoying it! I liked the idea of Lucifer walking away from hell, as he did in the original Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman. Mike Carey made Lucifer his own. I enjoyed the first volume of Lucifer enough to continue on with the second, and I'm halfway through that one now and having a blast! How is the show?
Same basic premise of Lucifer abandoning Hell - not sure if he ends up in a murder mystery procedural in the comic or not but that's what happens in the show, which I like. (It's a quite comedic experience. I was pleased to hear Netflicks picked up the baton for a new season. I haven't read all of Sandman (or even most of it) yet so Lucifer has only appeared once as far as I've got, near the beginning when Sandman is searching for his Attributes.
Char's Horror Corner 2 weeks ago
I haven't come across a murder mystery yet, but there are several volumes of Lucifer, and I'm only on the second. However, it sounds like his sense of humor is the same in the show and in the comics. It's wicked and I like it. :)
chuckles (guest) 1 week ago
I'm about to get started on a couple of horror books-Megalodon in Paradise and Hungry Things. I have high hopes for both.
Great! I hope you enjoy them both!
Is that what the new film Meg is based on?
I guess not!
However, there is an entire series of Meg books, by Steve Alten, starting with the first: MEG. That's the one the movie is based on, though I believe there have been some changes, from what I've read.
chuckles (guest) 3 days ago
Megalodon in Paradise is by Hunter Shea, one of my favourite horror authors. It's not connected to Steve Alten's series. I'm keen to see the Meg film though I wasn't a big fan of the Steve Alten book!
Char's Horror Corner 16 hours ago
I'm getting my MEGS confused! I corrected my post above.

I love me some Hunter Shea, but I haven't read that one. Yet. :)