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There's a ghost-town in North Dakota called Not Far Enough...or at least there shoud be!
Also, I already know what it's like too have frostbite: painful. I'm not planning on repeating the experience!
Char's Horror Corner 5 months ago
I've never thought too deeply about what life was life back then for settlers or native Americans. It's hard to imagine a time with no weather forecasts. The day of the blizzard, (supposedly), started off unseasonably warm-enough so that many children went to school without their heavy winter coats.
I studied History of the American West in school - it didn't really focus on the hazards of settlers moving west - more on the political and military history and the tribal culture.
chuckles (guest) 5 months ago
I find writing notes as I read a big help in remembering stuff especially when I go to finally write the review and my mind is a blank!