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I looked at the title of this book...and thought...bright rum...that's a weird name...I tried to look it up on GR and it came up Bright Ruin...I was like, wait a minute, I clicked back over here and...well, look at the cover, that chain makes it look like Bright Rum...if you're not looking too closely. LOL, sometimes I'm blind...anyway, I'm going to request this at my library.
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
I would definitely read these in order, the first being Gilded Cage. That said, rum-bright or otherwise, is always welcome here. :)
meeplemaiden 2 years ago
Gilded Cage has been sitting on my shelf now for over a year, really must get around to it (along with alll the others). The trouble with starting a series is, well, you have to finish it. I keep getting distracted by lots of lovely other books.
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
Oh I know! At least this series is done already. So if you want to go directly to the next book, you can. :)