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BrokenTune 2 months ago
Why is it that I love the last two best?
Char's Horror Corner 2 months ago
It's the first and the last cover for me.
Something about that illustration on CREATURES appeals to me quite a lot.
The first is from an artist named Daniele Serra, and he's my favorite cover artist.
Portable Mistletoe 2 months ago
LOL of course these are exactly the kinds of covers I'd expect you to produce from your shelves, Char. I'm still impressed you found five books with a young woman holding flowers, though. I figured only someone with a lot of Romance genre would be able to find enough of those.
Char's Horror Corner 2 months ago
As I said above, I may be stretching the definition of flowers a bit...I'm pretty sure that last girl is holding mostly mushrooms, but I believe I see some flowers in the background.
I think I went through about 1000 books on my virtual shelves to come up with these 5! :)
Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
Oh, I love your solutions!
Char's Horror Corner 2 months ago
Thank you! Due to my normal reading material, it was difficult!