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Emerjas 2 weeks ago
Nice list! I had added Give Me Your Hand and Providence to my TBR after your initial reviews of them. I only have gotten to Give Me Your Hand, but you are so right about her writing women. She’s fantastic!
Char's Horror Corner 2 weeks ago
Oh, thank you!
Megan Abbott-yeah-she's something else. She's writing now for the HBO show The Deuce. It's a bit tough to watch at times, (it's about the start of the porn film industry in the 70's), but I like the women in it-a lot.
And PROVIDENCE- being so completely different from YOU and HIDDEN BODIES-blew my mind.
There's an older couple in the book that I adored and I hope to see them again sometime, in the future.
If you do try both of these, I certainly hope that you enjoy them!