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TeaRainBook 1 week ago
That list is quite something that I would read. I mean the Iran-Contra alone would do it, but to throw the rest in and it sounds like quite a ride.
I forgot to mention Opus Dei is involved as well!
OMG It is so realistic and so intense at times. I just want to spend every waking minute listening.
Tigus 1 week ago
I've got The Cartel at home. this one you have sounds fabulous, but I might just go to The Cartel, based on your reaction to this other book. soon!
All I can tell you is this is the first book of a trilogy, the second is THE CARTEL and the third is due out later this year.
"not even the bad guys are ALL bad - making them quite believable in the process" Yes. Very true. But the bad guys are VERY bad. If the first chapter/prologue, whatever it's called that the book opens with doesn't make you want to see these men and their genes wiped off the face of the Earth in the quickest, surest and most painful way possible... (sure, you can reclaim your humanity after that -- I'm not saying every reader will become a monster)
The bridge scene did, I'll tell you that.