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BrokenTune 2 years ago
Your highest recommendation AND a gorgeous cover! Is it ... gory?
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
Not gory at all! However, there was some disturbing imagery. No real life horrors like rape or torture or anything like that, not even any real blood, so to speak.
I agree that the cover is gorgeous, I believe it's from a real painting. Oh yes, I looked inside-it's from "Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast 1870" by Albert Bierstadt
Sold Sold Sold :D
The link doesn't work, but my library has it Woot Woot
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
Thanks for letting me know about the link, I fixed it.
I hope that you enjoy it, it was really disturbing but good enough where I didn't put it down at all for most of yesterday!
Mike Finn 2 years ago
Argh--- no ebook. no audiobook. Why not?
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
There is here in the U.S. ??

I just double checked the UK site, and you're right! That sucks. I imagine it must have something to do with publishing rights?

P.S. If mine weren't signed I would send it to you because the story is THAT good and I want everyone to read it! :)
Mike Finn 2 years ago
Thank you, That's kind of you. Unfortunately, these days I need either an ebook where I can scale up the text of a hardback with a decent font before I can read a book. I'll keep an eye out for this. These kind of publishing rights things get resolved in time.
Reclusive Reads 2 years ago
I knew you'd love this book!
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
I really did! I read over half of it on Sunday because I had such a hard time putting it down.
Carmilla Reads 2 years ago
You've sold me. I've seen mixed reviews, but it looks like a book I'll love.
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, when you get to it. :)
Bark at the Ghouls 2 years ago
Oooh, this book sounds so fantastic. I will get myself a copy as soon as I can!