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Agreed re: both Robin (here) and the series as a whole. I wanted to violently shake Robin on numerous occasions here -- she was teetering dangerously on the edge of TSTL. But the series as such is phantastic.
I'm surprising myself at how much I enjoyed this one!

I'm not sure I would like the series as much if I were reading them. This narrator is fabulous. :)
I agree -- I've listened to all four of them as well. (Binged on the first three, in fact.)
Yep, and you're not the first one to question that unbelievably stupid decision of Robin's. I remember going off on a bit of a rant about it on here.
1 year ago
Every time I see that title the Blue Oyster Cult song goes through my head.
That song really *was* the inspiration for the book's title -- every chapter is prefaced by a BOC song title or line, too (and "Mistress of the Salmon Salt" is referenced in connection with Strike's mother, and is part of what initially draws him into the case).
1 year ago
So, JK has good taste in music...
She does! :)

FWIW, she does the same thing with Ibsen in book 2 of the series.