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Familiar Diversions 1 month ago
Just trying to get to the point where I could actually reply to you took maybe 5 minutes. OMG. Anyway, I'm guessing Tigus left. I tried going directly to his Booklikes page ( and it is now a spam account. :(
BrokenTune 1 month ago
Tigus left at the beginning of March.
Abandoned by user 1 month ago
I pm'd you on GR, Char.
Oh no! I think they are on GR now though. I thought I saw that account there.
Char's Horror Corner 1 month ago
Thanks, everyone! I found him over there.
Tannat 1 month ago
I was wondering what had happened to him too, so I'm glad you posted!
Char's Horror Corner 1 month ago
I always enjoyed his posts and it occurred to me that I hadn't seen him in a while.
Tannat 1 month ago
Well I was absent when he left apparently. Do you mind if I ask how to find him on goodreads? I don't follow my feed very closely there but he sometimes read things I found interesting.
Char's Horror Corner 1 month ago
I sent you a DM on Goodreads. :)