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I got this from Netgalley but I haven't started it yet.
Char's Horror Corner 7 years ago
Darkfuse has changed the way they are distributing books to their Kindle Club members. As a result, we get 6 books this month, instead of the usual three. This is one of them. Are you a fan of Curran? Because I could recommend quite a few if you haven't read them yet. :)
The only other one of his I've read is Worms.
Char's Horror Corner 7 years ago
Worm was a good creature feature. Leviathan was another short creature feature. Dead Sea is possibly my favorite creature feature, EVER. The Underdwelling was a killer Lovecraftian type story, set in a deep mine. Puppet Graveyard is another killer novella. And Skin Medicine? It was just killer, all the way around.
Sorry to be all fangrl! But I truly do love this guy's writing. :)
Jessica (HDB) 7 years ago
I hope you totally LOVE it!!!
Char's Horror Corner 7 years ago
Thanks! I hope so too! :)