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The Yellow Sign is one of the greatest horror stories ever written. The Repairer of Reputations is also good. I'm not so keen on the others. I think it is only the second mention of Carcosa other than the original poem by Tennyson (I believe). Oh and I also like the story about the sculptor who can turn things to stones, but I cannot remember the name of it.

Even current movies like The Ring are only feeble retellings of The Yellow Sign.
Char's Horror Corner 7 years ago
I'm reading The Repairer of Reputations right now and I'm enjoying it.
True Detective is awesome! I caught the references to Carcosa and The King in Yellow early on.
Char's Horror Corner 7 years ago
It IS awesome! I read that each season there will be an entirely new story and a new cast. Though I am enjoying the current cast quite a bit.
Lee Thompson (guest) 7 years ago
Hey, Char! Great little post. I tried Lovecraft way before I started writing and never liked his writing (although his ideas were effing neat). Love True Detective, too! :) Lee
Char's Horror Corner 7 years ago
Hi, Lee! Thanks!
I didn't know that you didn't care for Lovecraft. I love that stuff. :)