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Oh yes, Tarrou and his rants about the Death Sentence. The language used, the opposition to it as something horrible, well, that didn't sit well with me either.
I guess I just don't like Tarrou :-)
Classical Carousel 4 years ago
Is there any character you like or can sympathize with so far?
Nope, not a one. Some aren't as bad, but so far, there doesn't seem to be one character who I can admire in any sort of way. I hate it when authors do that...
Classical Carousel 4 years ago
:-D I know what you mean. Camus' philosophy didn't lead me to expect to meet anyone I could sympathize with, but I was hoping they'd have a little more life. Yet I guess when you remove God from the equation, you remove the soul ........ honestly these people seem somewhat like robots and even the town before the plague was described as a depressing place where everyone just moved from day to day, with no meaning other than the immediate. Sad .......
Yeah, how Camus described the town before the plague didn't do much to inspire hope for gems of goodness :-)