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My intersection with Kerouac was through the tv show "3rd Rock from the Sun". Even with the humor of the show I could tell that K and I would never get along and so I've never tried him.
Classical Carousel 2 years ago
I'd encourage you to try The Dharma Bums, but you might not like it either. It just seemed a little more innocent than this one. With Dharma Bums you felt it was an experiment by young people and at some point they would probably grow up. With OTR, acting like depraved infantile men was a life-choice that was going to go on forever. Very trying!
BrokenTune 2 years ago
I read this one first and followed it up with Dharma Bums. I also prefer DB but lost most of my appreciation of the whole set up (some of the characters in DB are the same as in OTR, if I remember right) when I re-read OTR. Now I just can't understand why people loved this so much.
Classical Carousel 2 years ago
I must say I'm very glad I read The Dharma Bums first. I don't think I would have attempted another Kerouac if I'd started with OTR. I do not know why people loved this book either. I find its popularity not a great commentary on society. :-(