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Olga Godim 10 years ago
Degrees, I'm so happy you changed your name back to the original one. I really dislike it that people here change their names and avatars all the time. Sometimes, I start reading a post in my feed and don't know who posted it - an unsettling sensation, as if I should recognize the person but I don't.
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
I only changed it during the October scary thing and mainly because I could do so by my initials (as Murder by Death and I had figured out before). I...didn't like it. I like being Degrees of Affection and I did not change my avatar picture because I'd just found one I liked for it.
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
And yes, I've done the same thing. I don't mind it but sometimes it happens too often.
bookaneer 10 years ago
Heh, I keep getting confused as well. Some changes were quite hard to associate with the old usernames. Thank goodness Halloween is over! I definitely got tricked!
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
I'd go to their blog page or look at other things, after awhile I could usually figure out who they were. But yeah, definitely glad everyone's back to their usual names. Pictures, I've learned to deal with as a couple people I know change theirs pretty often.