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Murder by Death 4 years ago
Hmm... I've had doubts about this book. I think I'll not rush out to buy it just yet.
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
I'm going to try it again, probably early next year. Like I said, it might be just the timing, but just could not get into it.
Olga Godim 4 years ago
I never force myself to read. When something doesn't seem to work, I look to the end. If I like the ending, I might return to the place I abandoned and finish the book. Otherwise - NO. Too many good books out there.
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
I can't bring myself to ruin an ending. If I abandon, I do so only if I don't care enough to find out at the moment. Otherwise, I'll usually push myself to at least see how it ends. But I do agree that there are too many other good books out there to waste time on a bad one.