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I'm sorry to hear this :(

Although I love your Knights Who Say Meh tag!
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
Somebody else, here I think, had it and I asked if I could use it. Sometimes it's the only thing that truly expresses how I feel about a book. I can just hear them say "The Knights who say..." and then instead of the expressive Nee! I hear, meh come out in a 'I can barely get enough energy to say it tone'.
Well, it's awesome!

And I totally understand. I think I may create an Ultra Magnus Does Not Approve one for books with huge, huge plotholes.
Olga Godim 10 years ago
To tell the truth, I hate it when people make celebrities of their children and then ride that train for all it's worth. The kids don't always realize what it all means, but the adults do.
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
Oh, I completely agree. This book is obviously lampooning that...but maybe the fact that there are plenty who would take it seriously is partially my problem. Before YouTube craze, etc. I thought child actors had it horrible. Now, I think at least they have some protection.