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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 3 years ago
I've been wondering how much overlap Farquhar books have - lots of the royalty he writes about inter-marry, so I'd think it'd be impossible not to have some. But the fact that it's still interesting - well, that wins out.

Now my problem is that I keep putting of trying to get this at the library because of the backlog of books I own and need to read!
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
My problem with the library is the opposite. I have a backlog of books here that go unread as the shinies at the library win over every time. I'm going to just have to not request or look for books there for awhile.

I've never read any other Farquhar books, though I've skimmed through a couple and plan to pick them up soon. I felt this was a good introductory book to a vast amount of history, or one focused on a more social look then political, military, etc.