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Murder by Death 7 years ago
Great review! I actually have a book on my TBR "The Day the World Came to Town" about Gander and 9/11. I might start it next now that you've reminded me of it. :)
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
Thank you! Oh, that sounds amazing! I'll have to try to find a copy as I really want to learn more about it. I'm really shocked I never heard about it before.
Mike Finn 7 years ago
Sounds fun - sort of like a fact-based Garrison Keiller.
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
Sort of, yeah. They didn't read with each other, though. There were about...five, I think. Some handled recurring segments and some cycled through the different articles. There is a definite tongue-in-cheek humor about it though, it flows through the whole series.