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I was in the middle of previewing a post when Booklikes when down, so thankfully I was able to post it to my other sites and then just copy/paste here this morning. It was not a good feeling though.
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
Glad you could save your post! I'm usually really good about saving stuff, had things happen to me before, but today has just been one of those days. And it's taken ages to get this up, it's so late. So I took it as a sign to just get it up and hope the next will be better.
As the page turns.. 3 years ago
Great review! I chuckled a bit at how fast you devoured the series: I did the same!
Thanks for the link, I'll link yours too on my post.

The connection with Dumbledore and Death is spot on, I never thought about it really : but I do know what Voldermort's name means so this makes a lot of sense.

As for the spoiler: (I wish we could add a spoiler tag on the comments section too)
The trap was set only on the final book, this isn't something that was always there. Dumbledore simply meant what he said about the 'fear of the name'
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
Really? I swear I remember it being said it was there before but it's been ages. I'll look it up. Thanks for the heads up!
As the page turns.. 3 years ago
No problem.! The taboo placed on the name happened after Dumbledore died for sure, when the ministry had fallen on the deatheaters' hands. It's possible though that they had done that in the past when voldermort was in power and I missed it..
I remember the first time I read this - the owner of our local independent bookstore told my mother I would love this (it was just in print in the US, and I don't believe it had more than one sequel yet, even in the UK), so she got it for me as a surprise gift. I did indeed love it, as she did, too. I was in my early 30s.

What struck me immediately are some of the similarities to Roald Dahl, but that's far from a bad thing!