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Claire loves to read! 7 years ago
what a shame the book was disappointing - the cover is lovely though!
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
It really is. And it's an interesting concept. I just learned more about de Quincy then I did about the reason the book was written. Though as I said, that because, for whatever reason, those are the bits that I remember.
A. Great cat video!
B. This reminds me I need to read The Invention of Murder.
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
I just tried to find something that showed how I felt like the book kept me going around and round and never went anywhere. It turned out better than I'd hoped! I just bought that with Xmas money but haven't started it yet. And sadly, I read the Worsley book during my slump last I have no review for it. I think I'll have to reread it just so I can remember what it's like! I've grown lazy with my reviews doing the work of remembering for me. :/