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Familiar Diversions 1 year ago
Interesting! The title seems vaguely familiar, but I hadn't heard anything about this series before.
It's part of Weekly Shounen Jump (over here though it is on of Shounen Jump's titles in Japan) and I've seen some people say it will take the place of Naruto. I doubt that (partially because I wasn't a fan of Naruto) but it looks to be a fun series though the second volume already hints at darker tones. If you've been in a bookstore's manga section, you've seen it.

I do recommend it, though. I think it's interesting to see how Western comics have influenced manga and vice versa. You can see it quite clearly here.
Familiar Diversions 1 year ago
We don't have a bookstore in my area so much as an entertainment store with a really annoying selection of manga (mostly the same stuff over and over, which was why I was surprised to find those Alice volumes, and frequently lacking all but the latest and maybe first volumes). I'll keep an eye out for it, though.
Hope you find it! If it's like the entertainment stores I've seen, they always have exactly what you don't want.