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Bettie's Books 3 years ago
ooo - I'll check that out. Thanks for the heads up
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
No problem! It was short but quite fun.
That was pretty amazing!
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
Wasn't it? I love the sounds a theramin makes. Most people know if from horror movies, etc. Yeah, the two I know it best from (this is from the wikipedia article) is The Day the Earth Stood Still (original one) and the theme song fro Midsomer Murders. It's such a haunting sound.
Star Trek, too, yes?
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
You know...I'm not sure.
According to this, I'm kinda surprised.
Oh, wait, I'm getting muddled because Sheldon plays the theme on a theremin in a Big Bang episode...
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
They mention that. And the vocals for Star Trek were meant to sound like a theramin, apparently.
A friend's husband is a musician and he has a theramin. He can get some amazing sounds out of it.
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
That is unbelievalbely cool! I've never seen one played live but I've always wanted to. It's so strange seeing what looks like them playing the air. I know how it works but still can't get over seeing it. The sounds can be quite amazing and sometime odd. Does he get a chance to use it often?
Not as often as he'd like. He plays in a jazz band, and it doesn't really fit there. But he also has more informal musical get-togethers with various friends and they have a lot of fun with it.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Very cool - I love Google Doodles. :)
Olga Godim 3 years ago
I saw it. So lovely! I wanted to copy it here, in a special post, but was unable to do it. Obviously, it's not a picture but a whole program, with an amazing sound track.
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
I know. :(
I wanted to do the same.