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Bettie's Books 1 year ago
ooo - I'll check that out. Thanks for the heads up
No problem! It was short but quite fun.
Grimlock ♥ Vision 1 year ago
That was pretty amazing!
Wasn't it? I love the sounds a theramin makes. Most people know if from horror movies, etc. Yeah, the two I know it best from (this is from the wikipedia article) is The Day the Earth Stood Still (original one) and the theme song fro Midsomer Murders. It's such a haunting sound.
Grimlock ♥ Vision 1 year ago
Star Trek, too, yes?
You know...I'm not sure.
According to this, I'm kinda surprised.
Grimlock ♥ Vision 1 year ago
Oh, wait, I'm getting muddled because Sheldon plays the theme on a theremin in a Big Bang episode...
They mention that. And the vocals for Star Trek were meant to sound like a theramin, apparently.
A friend's husband is a musician and he has a theramin. He can get some amazing sounds out of it.
That is unbelievalbely cool! I've never seen one played live but I've always wanted to. It's so strange seeing what looks like them playing the air. I know how it works but still can't get over seeing it. The sounds can be quite amazing and sometime odd. Does he get a chance to use it often?
Not as often as he'd like. He plays in a jazz band, and it doesn't really fit there. But he also has more informal musical get-togethers with various friends and they have a lot of fun with it.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Very cool - I love Google Doodles. :)
Olga Godim 1 year ago
I saw it. So lovely! I wanted to copy it here, in a special post, but was unable to do it. Obviously, it's not a picture but a whole program, with an amazing sound track.
I know. :(
I wanted to do the same.