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Reflections 5 years ago
I finished The Beekeeper's Apprentice and LOVED it. Thanks for making me pay attention to this series.
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
No problem! I've tried to share my love of this series with a lot of people but few have ever tried it. I'm so very glad you liked it and hope you like the rest of the series.
Moonlight Snow 5 years ago
I love this series! I have been planning a reread forever.

Also, btw, Mary Russell tweeted me when I posted my review of King's first Kate Martinelli book a few days ago, and I swooned and fangirled all over the place. ;)
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
That's awesome! I'd have totally done the same thing. This is one of my top favorite series ever. I'm listening to the first book now...getting off the a late start but shouldn't have a problem finishing theses. I'm so excited to finally get a hardcover copy of Beekeepers, as that is one of two I've yet to re-buy. Never gotten the chance.
I'm glad you like this, as I've yet to interest many people in my obsession. Now I know who to turn to when I need to talk about Mary Russell!
APelicano 4 years ago
I'm so excited, yet sad that I stumbled across this post so late in the year! I have been reading the Russell series for nearly 12 years. I have reread all of the books through Justice Hall at least 8-9 times each, and am picking up the pace with the newer novels of the series. There is just something about these glorious books that brings me back again and again. They transport you into these landscapes, the Downs, the Moor, India, feel immersed, traveling alongside Mary. I have just reread Beekeeper's Apprentice, AMRoW, Letter of Mary, and have just picked up The Moor, again. I want to build my hardback collection for display. My beloved, tattered paperbacks will be my reading companions. :D
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
I'll admit, I have to be careful when I read the hardcovers. I've already discovered the joys of the audiobooks, the readers is one of the best I've heard. Yeah, Justice Hall is about the cut off for me for multiple rereads. I need to start that one, I've fallen far behind, unfortunately. Particularly since Dreaming Spires is coming out early next year, I believe.

I agree, King's ability to transport the reader through her text to the various places and times is one of the strengths of this series. I discovered recently that she writes about these places only after visiting them in real life, which I think explains so much. I swear in Garments of Shadow I could smell the spice and other aromas in the air as Russell made her way through the alleys.

The Moor is my personal favorite as it was my introduction to this series. Not the best as I spent half the book wondering who this woman was how had the gall to marry Holmes! But it was enough to make me go back to the beginning and that Christmas I asked for all the printed books out and received them. Glad to meet another fan and hope you enjoy your rereads. If you ever want to talk about the Russell series with anyone, I always enjoy revisiting these favs. Which is your favorite?
APelicano 4 years ago
It is a close one between "The Game" and "Locked Rooms". I love the tension and danger present in "The Game". It's the most action packed in the series, for me. My favorite part is when Mary revealed her short hair and Holmes nearly fainted from the shock!

"Locked Rooms" was the first of the books that showed the devotion and love Holmes really and truly had for Mary. That shift between reading it from her point of view to Holmes' point of view after her breakdown showed they were one in the same. Then he made it his mission to discover the truth behind her family tragedy, while ensuring her safety at the same time.
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
Sorry, I've been having some computer issues and every time I've gone to answere this, I've been unable to, busy, or forgot to check the to do pages on my phone (where I'm writing this). Those are two of my favorites. The Game is amazing and besides the hair scene, which is awesome, I liked learning about pig sticking. It was also very action-packed. Locked Room was touching and, yes you get a peek at Holmes' affections. I also enjoyed Hammett's appearance and the events around the earthquake. Learning more about Russell's parents made it all the more amazing.